submitted by Richard Messier

When we entered the Hall we asked to speak to the House Manager. I mentioned to her that my son and I flew from Rhode Island to attend Peter's concert and would like to meet Peter, if possible. To my amazement, she said, would you like to write a note to Peter? I wrote the note and she said I will bring it to him personally.

My son and I really did not expect to hear from her again.

The concert was in two sets. Peter's performance was outstanding.

After intermission, the House Manager pointed to us and gave a signal to come to her. When we arrived she introduced us to Peter's Road Manager. He asked us if we were Fan Club Members, asked to see our cards and said that Peter read our note and would like to meet us after the show. We are now in SHOCK!!!!!

What a dream come true. To think that we had super seats and would actually have the opportunity to meet Peter in person. I have been a fan of Peter's voice and arrangements for 35 years. My son Stephen is also a major fan. We have all his recordings and DVDs.

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