submitted by Richard Messier

Peter's performance was all that we had hoped for and more. To hear his incredible voice with a 42 piece Symphony Orchestra was wonderful. This performance was as good as it gets. Kim, female vocalist who sang backup and duets with Peter also has a wonderful voice.

Now the time has come to meet Peter. The concert was over, Steve and I went to the special waiting area. Security invited us in to a special room. To our amazement, only a few people were in the room, mostly relatives of Peter and Kim. While we waited for Peter, a cousin of Peter's commented that for us to come all the way from Rhode Island is quite a tribute to Peter.

When Peter arrived, we waited for him to speak to his relatives first. After a few minutes Peter excused himself in order to speak to us. What a thrill!

Peter is such a class act. He was most cordial and appreciative to us for coming to his performance. We talked for some time, took photos together and he even gave Steve and I personalized signatures on our concert program.

We thanked him again for allowing us to meet him. As we were on our way out of the room Peter said to his cousins, "How About That, These Guys Came All The Way From Rhode Island To Hear Me" Boy, did we feel special.

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