He was dressed in black and looked very much as he did in the Glory of Love video, youthful, a bit nervous...and then proceeded to sing for about two hours amid breaks to change camera tapes, and this and that. There were people in the audience wiping away tears during the songs...I'll let you figure out which ones. I got choked up with both Amy and Peter...and if you weren't moved by the performances...you proabably don't have a pulse.

After listening to the the CD's a zillion times, there was a slight variation in pitch in Peter's voice live. After all, the CD versions are done in as many takes as is required until they are perfect.

His delivery amid the lights and huge orchestra...30 some pieces with about 3 cellos and string basses...was pure Peter. He ripped into the songs biting off the words carniverously in some passages, and as lightly as a dove in the rain in other passages. Very emotive, expressive...and...and...I'm very tired...to be continued.


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