Submitted by: Gloria Sampere - Seattle, WA

Dear PC fans,

I think I'm still in a daze because the evening was such a wonderful, emotional experience and I feel so fortunate that I was able to see Peter in his home town. It was truly a "once in a lifetime" experience. I loved the intimacy of the studio seating, maybe a little more than 200 people feeling like we could all reach out and touch him. The big concert arenas are fine to hold thousands of people but to actually feel like you could feel his presence more, a small studio is the best way to see him performing. For him too he must feel more comfortable and closer to his fans by being able to see our faces instead of the bright lights of a huge arena.

Entering the studio was a religious experience. It was so tastefully decorated with an array of colorful drapes surrounding the stage. felt extremely lucky that I was able to come and be part of this taping. As we were led to our seats Amy Grant was already on stage practicing her songs and tuning her guitar with her band but she waited till everyone was seated to start playing. I thought that was very thoughtful of her. She gave us a little mini concert playing 4 or 5 songs. With such an angelic voice she was the most graceful and charming female singer and I can see why Peter has such a crush on her and wanted her as his special guest.

After a while Peter was introduced and you never heard such a thunderous applause. Coming out wearing such an elegant dark gray suit and the biggest smile on his face and it is hard to believe he's going to be 59 He was very comfortable and relaxed and through the whole show he was constantly joking with everyone. Kim, his backup singer who did a couple of the duets except for When I Fall in Love, which he did with Amy, was just GREAT. Did a wonderful impression of Cher.

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